National Support School

In February 2015 Hilton Primary Academy was selected for a top role supporting schools in challenging circumstances. Shirley Davison, our Principal, is one of 137 head teachers to be appointed to the role of National Leader of Education (NLE) in the latest recruitment round.

NLE's along with staff in their school - designated a National Support School - use their success and professionalism to provide additional leadership capability in other schools.

For more information, please look here: NSS InformationHilton

Hilton Academy SLE Offer

In addition to this, we also have several Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE's) within our academy. SLE's are experienced leaders with a proven track record in school improvement. The SLE's employed at Hilton Primary Academy are our Vice Principal, Mr. Heeley, who specialises in curriculum development, our Assistant Vice Principal Mrs. Maddison, who specialises in the leadership of the EYFS, our Assistant Vice Principal Mrs. Green who specialises in the leadership of English and Mrs. Annal who specialises in the leadership of SEND & Behaviour.

Our Specialist Leaders of Education are available to support schools and academies across the region - if you are interested in finding out more, please email [email protected]