Behaviour Policies

Good behaviour and discipline are a vital part of school life as it sets the atmosphere of the school, providing a good learning and teaching environment. We aim to promote good behaviour by developing the values of mutual respect, self-discipline and social responsibility. We encourage self-discipline and the ability to work within the rules set down for the common good of all children. As a school we expect everyone in the school community to promote good behaviour.

Bullying will not be tolerated. Bullying includes any manipulative behaviour that affects another child's emotions, hurting people deliberately and consistently, making other children do things they do not want to do, making children give things e.g. sweets, emotional blackmail, damaging other peoples property and being very critical of other people.

We have a clear school policy on dealing with bullying. We investigate the incident; discuss the findings with the parents of both the bully and the bullied, applying appropriate sanctions and investigating the cause of the bullying.

Parents will be involved with the discipline of their children and they will be told when their children have behaved well, as well as when they have been badly behaved. Strategies such as home - school books, point cards, time out and giving tasks involving responsibility are some of the methods employed to encourage pupils to improve their behaviour. Persistent poor behaviour may lead to exclusion but we will always work with a family to look at alternatives to support the child as this is always a final sanction. Incidents involving pupils who repeatedly demonstrate concerning, aggressive or other unacceptable behaviour will be recorded in the school Behaviour file.

We present certificates for good attendance to our children on an on-going basis and encourage them to attend regularly and on time. Persistent lateness not only impacts on other children but most importantly on your child/children's education and development. If you feel there is anything we can do to help support you in getting your child/children to school on time please contact Mrs Chisman to discuss.