PE Curriculum

At Hilton Primary Academy we offer a broad and balanced PE curriculum to all our children. The curriculum is skills based, with key skills for each year group based on the requirements of the revised National Curriculum.

All children are now being offered 2 hours of curriculum PE a week, and therefore have a full morning or afternoon of PE rather than a one hour lesson. We hope this will enable us to offer a wider range of sports and activities, therefore raising the skill, fitness and activity levels of all our children.

Please ensure all children have appropriate footwear and remove all jewellery (especially ear-rings) on the following days:

The PE timetable is as follows:

Year 1 - Wednesday afternoon

Year 2 - Thursday morning

Year 3 - Tuesday morning (including swimming for selected children)

Year 4 - Friday morning (including swimming for selected children)

Year 5 - Tuesday afternoon

Year 6 - Monday afternoon (at Tyneside Badminton Centre Autumn 2 and Spring 1)

Year 1 and 2 Curriculum

The Key Stage One curriculum focuses on the development of fundamental movement skills and basic motor skills including running, jumping, catching and throwing. These are delivered through a curriculum based on multi-skill approach allowing children to develop their skills and techniques through a range of different sports and activities.

Autumn 1 - Fundamentals - Agility, Balance and Co-ordination

Autumn 2 - Gymnastics Floor (Year 1) and Vault (Year 2) Activities

Spring 1 - Dance

Spring 2 - Throwing and Catching Skills

Summer 1 - Hitting and Fielding Skills

Summer 2 - Running, Jumping and Throwing Activities

Year 1 Key Skills

- Develop fundamental movement skills including agility, balance and co-ordination

- Apply skills with increasing competence and confidence in a range of activities

- Engage in competitive and co-operative activities in increasingly challenging situations

Year 2 Key Skills

- Extend agility, balance and coordination, individually and with others

- Master basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching

- Perform dances using simple movement patterns

- Participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending

Year 3 and 4 Curriculum

The lower Key Stage Two curriculum focuses on the development of generic and transferable skills delivered through a multi-sport approach, with children learning skill, techniques and strategies that can be used in a range of different sports and activities. Year 3 and 4 children also have the opportunity to learn to swim through lessons delivered at Fenham Pool by Mr Wakenshaw.

Autumn 1 - Invasion Games

Autumn 2 - Gymnastics - Floor (Year 3) and Vault (Year 4)

Spring 1 - Dance

Spring 2 - Net Games

Summer 1 - Striking and Fielding Games

Summer 2 - Athletics Activities

Year 3 Key Skills

- Develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance

- Use running, jumping, throwing and catching in isolation and in combination

- Use iPads to compare their performances and demonstrate improvement

- Play competitive games, modified where appropriate

Year 4 Key Skills

- Develop a broad range of skills and link them to make actions and sequences

- Apply basic principles suitable for attacking and defending

- Develop an understanding of how to improve in different physical activities and sports

- Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over at least 25 metres

Year 5 and 6 Curriculum

The upper Key Stage Two curriculum is increasingly sport specific, and allows our children to experience a range of different sports and develop specific skills, techniques and strategies for each. They also have the opportunity to undertake different roles in lessons - for example performer, coach, leader and official, and the Year 6 children have the chance to complete the Sports Leaders UK -Young Leaders Award.

Autumn 1 and 2 - Invasion Sports including Netball/Basketball, Football and Hockey

Spring 1 - Gymnastics and Dance including Gymnastics Floor and Vault, and Street Dance

Spring 2 - Net and Wall Sports including Tennis, Badminton and Volleyball

Summer 1 - Athletics including Quadkids and Sportshall Athletics Events

Summer 2 - Striking and Fielding Sports including Cricket, Rounders and Softball

Year 5 Key Skills

- Develop competence in a broad range of physical activities

- Learn how to evaluate and recognise their own and others' success

- Take part in outdoor and adventurous activity challenges individually and in a team

- Perform dances using a range of movement patterns

Year 6 Key Skills

- Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities

- Evaluate skills, techniques and ideas to improve different physical activities and sports

- Apply strategies and tactics for attacking and defending

- Develop leadership skills including communication, organisation and responsibility.

PE Kit

All children have been given a PE t-shirt and shorts for their PE kits, rather than the old tracksuit bottoms, and these are again going to be stored in school, and cleaned for them on a regular basis. All children are also required to bring a change of footwear for their PE lessons, which should ideally be stored in school with their PE kits. Children can also buy school tracksuit bottoms and hoodies that can be used in PE, and these can be ordered through Mrs Nellis at the main school reception. These are the only items can be worn for PE lessons - normal school uniform (polo shirts, jumpers, school trousers and shoes) and a child's own sports clothing are no longer allowed for PE lessons.


For the safety of all children in lessons, all jewellery now has to be completely removed for lessons, to follow the health and safety recommendations of the Association for PE. Removal of the jewellery is the responsibility of the parents or child as school staff are not allowed to remove it - therefore please ensure your child does not come to school in any jewellery on their PE day, or they will not be able to fully participate in the lesson.

Injury / Illness

If your child has a genuine reason to be excused from PE, please ensure you inform the school in advance by telephone or through a note. Any children excused from PE will still be required to change in to their PE kit as they will still be expected to be involved in the lesson in some role - for example as a scorer, timekeeper, reporter or referee